Vision & Beliefs

At we believe that every individual has the ability to evaluate, understand and enjoy their lives. When exposed to the right information, guidance and training, the individuals have the ability to heal themselves with self-care.

Our goal is to provide training, skills and tools that are essential to finding inner peace, exploring ones full potential and connecting the mind, body and spirit. More importantly, we teach techniques of relaxation, motivation, self healing, inner peace and balance in seminars and courses. Our primary goal is to ensure that as well as taking care of ones mental and physical health, our customers are able to find inner peace, balance and satisfaction.

Our Best Services

There are many variations of these services available.
Ask us for the best service for your purpose.

Business Mind Techniques for high achievers

Business-MT provide you with all the skills you need to perform at top level, staying in balance and keeping healthy.

The techniques have been developed especially for people who are striving for more, keeping them resilient, happy and balanced.

Start living the life

you always wanted to live

This programme is a complete all-round 30-day-programme, which brings you personally up to the next level. After you have worked through this programme you can expect to have boosted your self confidence, inner peace and happiness. You will feel free and more have made yourself to your best ally.

Emotional blocks

Get rid of anything, which is holding you back.

This programme will detect and remove any emotional blocks or inner distress.

Don't let yourself get in your way any longer and live your life to your full potential.

Burnout Recovery Programme

2 weeks in the Swiss Alps

This 2 weeks programme will give you a complete change of environment, teach you techniques on staying in balance, finding your purpose and preventing you from fall back in a hole.

Individual programme

This 17 sessions programme gets you step by step back on track and even better. You will find your balance and where you want to really go in life.



Nobody needs to suffer from their past. This is what I believe in. Spreading the tools for self healing or just taking care of oneself to prevent falling into a hole is the mission I am on. We can also help leaving the past behind, so there is no more suffering from any previous issue.

Cheryl Heusser
Cheryl Heusser
Founder and managing director of Kendra Blanche GmbH, speaker and hypnotherapist



Human beings are in balance with their selves and their environment. Learning helpful techniques already at school age, people know how to take care of themselves, especially their inside. This can lead human to living in peace and harmony.

Cheryl Heusser
Cheryl Heusser
Founder and managing director of Kendra Blanche GmbH, speaker and hypnotherapist



We support our clients on their way through life.

Although being at top level, everybody has some kind of issue at some time. We support with health issues, where we can, to bring our clients right back on top.

Cheryl Heusser
Cheryl Heusser
Founder and managing director of Kendra Blanche GmbH, speaker and hypnotherapist

Portfolio Projects

We are working on various projects.

  • All
  • Business
  • Trainings
  • Sport
  • Therapy
business people meditating
Burnout Prevention

Teaching Business Mind Techniques

relaxed businessman
Burnout Recovery

Filling up energy

Analysing situation

Action plans and support

Teaching techniques for future prevention

man breaking chains
Mental Blocks & Fears

Releasing Mental Blocks and Fears

woman running

Getting rid of Mental Blocks

Focus and Flow

Mental Training

Teaching techniques for self use

Seminar, Cheryl Heusser educhating

Seminars, Presentations, Speeches, Courses

trapped person
Mental Suffering & Traumas

Releasing inner distress

students learning SAMT

SAMT - Students Advanced Mind Techniques

man on top
Personal Developpement

ARISE. Making a huge step in self-developpement

Our Working Process ARISE

Arise ist the process we use, when we offer a full programme.


First step is the analyising of any issues.


It is important to remove any inner distress.


Installing the techniques, will help staying on a top level of health and ease.


Strengthen yourself by using Business-MT.


Now is the time to excel and live your life to your full potential.

What our clients say

We are proud to have changed peoples lives to the better.

I’ve learnt how I can communicate with my subconscious and how I can change or remove certain things and flaws which I thought to be unchangeable.

Roland Karesch

Project Manager IT, Agrola AG
Roland Karesch
My project is strengthened by the experience I have made.

Gert Olefs

Managing Partner, Human Capital International
Founder, Worldpeace 2035
Gert Olefs
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